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API Design for C++

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Proper API Design requires testing and verification. This requires standard unit testing as well, as something special - testing for binary compatibility There is a backward binary compatibility checker for shared libraries in C/C++. The goal when designing an API is to prevent the amoeba shaking effect - e.g. There are many different rules and tradeoffs to consider during Java API design. Somewhat later I had the pleasant experience of writing C++ code with Qt. Like any complex task, it tests the limits of our attention and memory. (Click here if you can't see the video.) . Therefore, I think it's critical to factor the C/C++ API design so that as much of it as possible is writable in application level python on top of a small core that does the final C++ dispatch. Prevent each new release to completely destabilize existing usages. Similar to the pilots' pre-flight checklist, this list helps software designers remember obvious and not so obvious rules while designing Java APIs. Based on hearsay, Qt is quite complicated and hackish inside, but what it presents to the outside is pure delight in terms of API design. Use http://boost.org/ 3) While you're at it - look in Alexandrescu's 'Modern C++ Design' how to write good C++ strings. Last, he talks about how the Coherence team built Java-like memory management for C++ and how they made Coherence 3.4 work on many of the operating systems running on Intel-like processors. Even though I live in the C++ world as opposed to Java, 99% of this is directly applicable. An anonymous coward just provided a link to API compliance checker. Multi-threading and event handling are built into the C++ API. Other good resources for API design are Chapter 4 “Designs and Declarations” from “Effective C++” by Scott Meyers [3], and “Effective Java” by Joshua Bloch [4].